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Speed Demons

As comic book fans, we here are all too familiar with the neverending debates of which character is stronger/faster/smarter/richer/cuter/better in the sack. We cite issues and stats and power levels that change faster than uh, for relevancy’s sake, let’s say … Continue reading

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A Swanky New Desktop

I got a new computer so I made a new desktop for it. The image is from the inside of one my JL folders, placed on a black background and cleaned up a bit. Enjoy!

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Jordyn sings Seal’s Kiss from a Rose in MSN.

(1:39:04 PM) J’ordynn J’onzz: badda badaaaaa bdaaadaa badaa (1:39:15 PM) J’ordynn J’onzz: baaaadadaadddaaa badadaaa (1:39:44 PM) J’ordynn J’onzz: theeeeeere used to be a grayer tie all alone on a sea (1:39:55 PM) J’ordynn J’onzz: and yoooooooooou became a light on … Continue reading

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The Last Resort

For my last review ever, I am going to review The Last Resort. Ah, teenagers. So troubled. So troublesome. For ages they have antogonized their parents, making them stew over how to deal with their problems, as they watch their … Continue reading

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ECCC J’onn Sketch

Stephen JB Jones was at Emerald City Comic Con and god, I bugged him for entirely too long. He was a character designer and storyboard artist on various DCAU shows. I also spent some cash on a sketch of Martian … Continue reading

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JL Card Game

I got this JL Card Game for my birthday. Here’s a brief and incorrect example of how to play it: Ben likes to play the villain side because this came out after season 1 and there were more sexy ladies … Continue reading

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Happy Valentines Day!

I’ve made these for the past three years now and there’s a lot so most of them are behind the cut, but here are some of my favorites:

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Comic Scan: Justice League Adventures #23

Kobra, do you seriously do the “ssss” thing on “sh” words too? (also I have a new article up at so go read it!)

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The ten best…

I watched Return of the Joker this weekend as having the soundtrack on a constant loop in my car sort of put me in the mood for it. Watching the flashback to Joker’s death got me thinking about what the … Continue reading

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I Will Bake Dwayne McDuffie A Pie…

For every JLU reference he shoves in his run on Justice League of America. Do you hear me? I have promised you pie. I will even take the time to get good at baking pies before mailing these pies off … Continue reading

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