ECCC J’onn Sketch

Stephen JB Jones was at Emerald City Comic Con and god, I bugged him for entirely too long. He was a character designer and storyboard artist on various DCAU shows. I also spent some cash on a sketch of Martian Manhunter from him.

I bugged him so much he gave me a sweet action pose!

My DCAU collection has grown a great deal in the past few months. I’ve gotten, well, ALL of the Batman and Batman Beyond comics (save for one) and a Batman maquette. I got two Diane Duane books from a friend, an awesome Batman pop-up book, some more JLU figures, Superman 64 (hahaha, yeah), and a couple Batman figures. A lot of stuff, basically.

A new review is in the works. I feel so out of practice! But maybe after this one I will feel like doing another one. I already think that might happen. Look for new stuff probably late tonight.

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2 Responses to ECCC J’onn Sketch

  1. arsenic266 says:

    So what was the cause of the hiatus, anyhow?

    • Jordyn says:

      Mostly that I got a job and I couldn’t get my schedule to work around writing these anymore, combined with my computer slowly getting crappier and making the actual task of writing and producing this output a goddamn task. And that these things are exhausting to write sometimes.

      I think I can work something out to have to time to write these about once a week now, maybe more sometimes, and the computer is beefed up to make using it a more pleasant experience for me.

      Of course, now I have to wrestle with the temptation to play City of Heroes instead of writing.

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