The ten best…

I watched Return of the Joker this weekend as having the soundtrack on a constant loop in my car sort of put me in the mood for it. Watching the flashback to Joker’s death got me thinking about what the absolute best scenes in the DCAU are. Rifling through scenes made me realize that there are great moments that aren’t really part of great scenes. Then I started thinking about the best fights.

Well before long, I sounded like a blubbering moron.

I’m working on some lists though as I work through more two-parters and I’ll post the end results when I have end results. Until then, what are your guys’ favorites?

What is the BEST scene in the entire DCAU?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow , have I missed YOU ! Can’t wait to check out more of your journal and crazy ramblings and observations ! -M. Darque

  2. oh god you bitch

    you realize you’ve just doomed me to watching through my entire set of DCAU DVDs, right?

    I have like three homework projects to do

    they will now be late

    (also I think it will probably be a scene from something in season two of JLU or from one of the first three seasons of Batman:TAS)

  3. fleur_de_liz says:

    Best scene?

    Elongated Man, Booster Gold, and Skeets on crowd control.

    “Maybe they needed a vase?” <3

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dark Heart
    When Wonder Woman puts the Atom down her cleavage so she can “use her hands”
    All sorts of hand using going on down there.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The Batman musical from Batman Beyond

    with the Frank Miller sequence from Legends of the Dark Knight as runner-up.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Justice League only

    1) Brainiac bursting out of Lex Luthor’s torso. Were you expecting that? No? Me neither.

    2) The episode after that, last of Season Two, when Flash takes down Brainthor. First he seems to run away… but it turns out he was just /running around the world to build up speed/ to take that SOB down. That’s what Dave’s Long Box calls a F&%k Yeah! moment.

    3) Fight scene: Grodd’s villains versus Luthor’s in the next-to-last episode. Much better than the rather dull fight with the parademons in the final ep. It has Toyman beating up Killer Frost, Grodd getting flushed into hyperspace, and then Killer Frost killing like half the villains. Brutal (it’s amazing they got away with it) but well choreographed.

    4) Fight scene: hot grrl-on-grrl action at Metabrawl, with Vixen and Hawkgirl vs. Wonder Woman. The bit where Vixen goes elephant and charges, and WW just /stops/ her? Awesome.

    (Random note: Vixen and Black Canary? Their voices were done by the actresses who played Zoe and Inara, respectively, on Joss Whedon’s Firefly. ONE HUNDRED GEEK POINTS IF YOU KNEW THAT ALREADY.)

    5) Character moment: that same episode, near the beginning, when Huntress is trying to flirt with Question on the phone. “Say… what are you wearing?” “The usual… overcoat… hat…” “You’re not very good at this, are you?”

    6) Character moment: Amanda Waller and Batman in her apartment. He thinks he’s going to shut her down, but she makes him think twice and back off. Really nicely done.

    7) The end of the first Secret Society double ep, after the Ultra-Humanite turns on Luthor. “This broadcast paid for by a grant from the Ultra-Humanite!” Made my wife laugh out loud.

    (Actually, almost anything with the DCAU Ultra-Humanite is a candidate. “You hit me!” “You hit me _first_.”

    8) Pretty much the whole second half of “Task Force X”, aka Mission Impossible But With Bad Guys And In Space. If I had to pick a moment it’d be when Rick Flagg just turns and looks at Captain Boomerang. “Okay… we wait.” Great fight scene too. The moment where Deadshot and Vigilante draw down on each other? Aw yeah.

    9) Batman dropping out of orbit in a Javelin to stop the kryptonite missile that General Eiling has launched. Despite some shaky animation this is still an awesome scene.

    10) Throwaway: Medusa as Tallulah Bankhead in “This Little Piggy”. “That’s two hundred years off your sentence.” “Out in 4020… ring a ding ding.”

    11) Throwaway: Flash in Luthor’s body, trying to spoof the Secret Society. “You didn’t wash your hands!” “Yeah… /because I’m evil!”

    12) Character moment: the Flash “defeating” Trickster. Batman would terrorize him, Orion would break his bones… but Flash is just “are you taking your medication? Come on.”

    13) The moment at the end of the first Amazo ep when Amazo copies Superman’s powers. Even though you know it’ll all be okay in the end, that’s still a really nicely done “oh, crap!” kinda moment. He’s got Superman’s powers now! Damn!

    14) Near the end of the second Secret Society ep, when the Justice League have broken loose and are facing against Grodd’s Society. The fight scene itself is pretty good, but I wouldn’t place it at the very top. Just before it, though, there’s a moment when the “camera” holds on a little kid in the crowd, holding his breath, fists clenched, desperate concern on his face… and then he just whispers “Get ’em!”. And all hell breaks loose.

    You know, there really were a lot. If I started to break it down, I guess I’d come up with Fight Scenes, Character Moments, Throwaway bits, and Just Awesome.

    Looking forward to see what you pick!

    Doug M.

  7. Anonymous says:

    the granny in Patriot Act all telling Eiling what for.

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