Brave and the Bold pt 2

We’re back for the stunning conclusion of Brave and the Bold! Let’s take a look at the recap provided for us at the beginning of the episode:

A truck crashed, there was a scientist lady, a gorilla showed up, there was a city, Grodd mind controlled Flash and then a force field covered everything.

Sounds about right.

Part the second opens on board the Watchtower, where J’onn, Wonder Woman, and Hawkgirl are stunned as fuck to see that Central City is completely freaking gone. Hawkgirl deems the situation “impossible” just like every goddamn other situation they’ve ever encountered. This is one of those first season phenomenons that gladly diminished later on, along with Wonder Woman constantly, constantly saying “Hera.” Someday, I am going to actually sit and watch through the whole first season at once with a sheet of paper next to me keeping track of exactly how many times she says it. I’m even going to watch the episodes she’s not in, to make sure they didn’t try to slip one past me.

In Central City, GL, Flash, and Solovar are all arising from the trauma of having a field pass over them. It appears as though GL’s ring protected them, but it also seems as if that was completely unnecessary since the rest of the city survived just fine. Solovar hooks Flash up with one of the snazzy uncomfortable headbands, and they check out the shield. Solovar informs us that “gorilla technology is highly advanced” which is a fun thing to say whenever you see technology do something cool or completely outrageous or completely useless. It’s a particularly useful saying when hanging out at Sharper Image.

The other heroes are heading towards Central City to see if it’s actually gone, and manage to fly right into the damn shield though Wonder Woman pulls up and they just sorta crash into the ground, getting grass stains all over the damn Javelin. They try to get into the shield to no avail, and instead call Batman because fuck, they’re out of ideas.

Inside the shield, the other three who I am sick of listing one by one, come across a crowd of people that is supposedly the entire population of Central City, but if that’s actually the case, the term “city” is used quite loosely.

The crowd discover the heroes trying to blend in with their crazy outfits and begin attacking at Grodd’s command. GL, in a moment of sheer stupidity, decides to use his ring to create a trench around them, instead of using his ring to just fly them away. Any excuse to damage public property, I guess.

In the batcave, Batman has discovered another energy signature in Africa and tells the others to meet him there. He has a handy map.

In Africa, they’re all checking out this shield and discussing their inability to get through the other one. J’onn is about to propose a plan of some sort, saying “Perhaps if we-” but is cut off by them getting shot.

Getting shot and being taken prisoner seems to have actually been a good way to get through the shield, as they wake up in a room surrounded by a few gorillas including one who has a fucked up eye.

They tell them they’re in Gorilla City.

Hawkgirl is stunned. “Gorilla City?”
Yes. We are all gorillas, what’s so hard about this?

Grodd has in this time, broken into a military base and is preparing to fire some nukes at Gorilla City because he hates gorillas. Wait, no. He hates humans, but loves gorillas but hates the gorillas in Gorilla City, and he’s taking over Central City to make it New Gorilla City, even though he hates humans. This plan is fucking mind-blowing.

Sara, which is scientist lady’s name that I’ve decided I should use instead of “scientist lady” because it is shorter, punches the launch coordinates into a computer and I can’t help but notice that they seem to be in a completely different part of Africa than what Batman’s computer said.

Flash and GL prepare to go after Grodd and GL states that he can track Grodd’s rocket bike with his ring. Flash says that he’s gotta get himself “one of those” and I don’t know which one he means since it seems they would both be rather unnecessary.

Back in Gorilla City, everyone else is escaping and as they run through the city full of gorillas, Wonder Woman ponders, “What madness is this?”

Madness? This is Gorilla City!

I wonder if it’s too late to make that joke.

As the gorillas are about to catch them, they notice that some missiles are headed towards the city and our heroes offer to help. Gorilla guy asks how they could possibly help, and I guess the fact that three of them can frickin’ fly did not come immediately to mind.

Back at the base, GL sees the missiles taking off and goes after them, leaving Flash and Solovar to deal with Grodd. He catches up to the first missile and cuts a square into before crushing some little thing, deactivating it.

Inside, Sara tells Grodd that missile number one has deactivated, so I guess GL is going in order. Flash shows up to piss Grodd off and does a remarkable job of it, Grodd does seem the irritable type.

GL catches up to missile number two and this time cuts a circle into it, because I guess he figured a circle would be faster. He crushes the thing, but a chunk of debris or something comes flying at his face and knocks him out.

As the missiles fly towards Gorilla City, J’onn deactivates one in the smoothest way ever, as he just phases through and grabs the little thinger whatever. Oh god he is just the best. Hawkgirl, meanwhile, handles hers with far less finesse, as she just seems to hit the thing, and Wonder Woman tries to stop it with help from Hera, naturally. The missile appears to crush her and Batman freaks out and starts digging while everyone else just stands there going, “oh I guess she’s dead.” And much to the surprise of everyone except the viewer, she is totally ok. She gives Batman a smooch that fans decide means she wants him so totally hard, and Batman looks incredibly awkward.

Back to the base again, Flash is all gonna mess Grodd up by getting him to use the mind-control helmet and fry his brain, though I’m sure his puns and jokes were gonna do that sooner or later anyway. As we all know, gorillas hate jokes. Sara begins weeping over her lost hairy lover, and Flash jokes about internet romances, but decides to not also bring up the internet beastiality.

In Gorilla City, Grodd is now locked up in a cage with a tire that he just pushes back and forth, which is maybe the gorilla version of a mental hospital. Seems nice. Oh, also GL came to earlier, and didn’t die while plummeting towards the ground.

Anyway, as can only be expected, the episode ends with a terrible monkey joke.

And I’m gonna go take a goddamn nap because two-parters are exhausting.

Wait hold on.

Oh god.

This is a horrible screenshot:

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