In Blackest Night

All right folks! Time for another Justice League episode. This time it’s “In Blackest Night,” a fantastical story focusing mainly on our Green Lantern friend, John Stewart. Did you guys know that the Superman:TAS episode with Kyle Rayner was called “In Brightest Day?” Because, well, it was. Amazing!

In this episode, GL is accused of blowing up a planet, Ajuris 5. He has to go stand trial on Ajuris 4, with this crazy prosecutor, voiced by Kurtwood Smith who you may remember from That 70’s Show.

And these wierd floaty head judges.

So at the beginning it seems they are holding a hearing to determine probable cause and then gave the Manhunters are warrant to go arrest them. This is like a criminal justice class. Let’s all memorize case law! Miranda v. AZ! Yeah. Hmm.

They send 3 Manhunters to arrest John but they are so rudely interrupted by Flash, Hawkgirl, and J’onn. They pretty much end up getting their asses kicked by the Manhunters, at which point Superman shows up and they are still getting their asses kicked. Then, oh man, a big green wall!

Who could it be!?

OH MY GOD IT’S GREEN LANTERN! They do that trick a few times in the show, where they set it up like it’s a big shock that so-and-so shows up, but seriously, I knew he was coming.

As he awaits his trial, we see the Guardians back on Oa having their fun little Lanternside chats. One of them says, “I don’t need to tell you how much we’ve gained because of the Corps’s diversity, but sometimes it forces us to make sacrifices.”

what does that mean? It seriously sounds like he’s talking about black people or something. He’s talking about uh…people who aren’t blue. Racist little punkasses.

This episode is the first time we get to see other members of the GLC. Now, I grew up watching Batman and Superman but I never got into comics because of them. After Justice League started, I still didn’t read them. Then, after season 1 ended, there was this HUGE gap of time before season 2, and I found a trade of the comics based off the show (Justice League Adventures). So I bought it, and later bought Tower of Babel, and started reading JLA which was right in the middle of Trial by Fire and the whole Fernus thing. My point is that when the GLC showed up, I had no idea who any of them were. So…Framling and I made up names for them.

Let’s see, there’s Zorro Fox, Eggplant, Cueball, Chicken Fish, and…Kilowog. I liked Kilowog right off the bat, so he didn’t get a silly name. Since then I’ve learned their real names, but I still call Tomar Re by the name Chicken Fish, because hahaha, Chicken Fish.

Speaking of Kilowog, did you guys know he was voiced by Dennis Haysbert? He’s on 24, but I know him better as the All State guy.

Ya damn right I’m in good hands! Giant green hastily photoshopped ones!

I liked Kilowog because he wasn’t all up for fighting Hawkgirl, just catching Cueball.

And then he went and testified on John’s behalf, even though that dumb prosecutor got all up in his face. Stupid prosecutor, why don’t you roll shit into a giant ball and let Kilowog be? Be awesome, that is.

So the League shows up to help GL. And J’onn does something to this guy, but I have no idea what?

Does he make him really sad or something? It’s kind of unsettling.

Supes melts his way through this giant dome, leaving a huge hole.

About this time, we go to the second half of the episode. And beforehand we get a “previously on Justice League…” thing, and this one bugs the hell out of me. Every other one, they only use the audio that had been recorded in the last episode. But this time…there’s this extra little bit of Kanjar Ro saying “his aim was off…way off” and dear god, it is so annoying.

Now it’s time for Flash to be GL’s lawyer. This is one of the first moments that got me really loving Flash. See, he was funny as a lawyer with all his filibustering, but the other thing was that he wasn’t going to sit back and watch GL go down the tubes even though GL was ready to let it happen. And even though it would mean him getting executed too.

The Guardians show up at the trial too. Really this episode is great for looking at all kinds of weird aliens. I’m particularly fond of this one:

Is he undercover or something? I love it, he’s the best.

As Flash pretends to know anything about the law, Supes and J’onn go to the moon of the blown up planet and find that, hey, something’s fuckin’ up. So they go back to the trial.

They patched that big hole in the wall.

But, J’onn and Superman fly right through it again.

Yes, the Justice League: Ain’t Got Time for Doors and their Shit.

Then we get the big “oh man the planet was there the whole damn time” moment. Apparently no one on Ajuris 4 has friends on Ajuris 5 who might’ve tried to call and then they would’ve been like “dude, I thought your planet was blown up” and the other guy would’ve said “no man, shit’s fine over here.”

Turns out, it was a huge Manhunter plot! Oh fuck they’re going to Oa. J’onn’s putting his hand through parts of dudes again.

Also, I love how whenever we’re fighting a group of aliens, if there’s only 3 of them, they are a total pain in the ass. However if there’s a lot of them, then 3 will be really easy to kill. This should be in some sort of handbook or something.

Then that one Manhunter goes into the main power battery and it’s up to John to say the oath really enthusiastically which stops him. Phil Lamarr said he’d been looking forward to saying that oath and was so excited he got to do it. Well, good job Phil.

And we get a nice big grin from Flash. Thanks Flash.

They fly off in a bubble.

“Does anyone remember where we parked the Javelin?”

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