Superman Stapler: How Wonderful Is It?

I warn you, dear readers, I was not prepared for what awaited me outside my doorstep yesterday. Not knowing what the package contained, the discovery of its contents nearly was the end of me. But I implore you to prepare yourselves now. Prepare for blurry pictures. Prepare to be amazed. Put some kryptonite paper in your utility belt and prepare for

The Superman Stapler.

I recently discussed this product in an entry on Justice League office supplies and praised how mindblowing it obviously was, and how spectacular it would look on my desk. Well my secret santa heard my woeful cries and bestowed this wonderful gift upon me.

The product was supposed to look something like this:

It looks like this:

Except more this-y:

The stapler is slightly smaller than I expected, though is probably still currently holding my lifetime supply of staples as my need to staple anything has dropped significantly since college.

Let’s take her for a trial run right now though! What do I have around here to staple?

I ponder stapling shut a Superman/Batman issue with Michael Turner art, but would have to go to the effort of digging the comic out and instead opt for this map of Wyoming.

Nobody’s fuckin’ looking at that map again!

Spotlight on some voice actors on Friday, and back to episodes again on Monday.

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