Fearful Symmetry

Welcome back everyone, I realize it’s been a while but doesn’t it just make this more special? Yeah, I thought so. I know you all want podcasts still and I had a conversation about making progress in that regard but for now you get just me talking with some pictures of what I’m talking about.

So JLU “Season One” came out yesterday. Season two came out as well, but it doesn’t say that on the goddamned box. I watched Fearful Symmetry for you all.

This is the first episode to even hint at the Cadmus stuff, as we see that Supergirl has been cloned and the result is Power Girl even though it’s not actually Power Girl, it’s just supposed to sorta look like her (TITS).

Supergirl is having bad dreams and burning holes in the ceiling. Also, check out her pajamas. She wears more clothes to bed than she wears the entire rest of the day.

I also managed to have Framling shake his head at me when, during the first like…minute and a half, I managed to state matter-of-factly that this episode was most likely scored by Michael McCuistion.

This the first episode to feature The Question, and I’ll be goddamned, he turned out absolutely fantastic. He has, as near as I can tell, the best room on the entire Watchtower. For one thing, it seems to have two doors, since they walk in one and then apparently out a different one. But seriously, check this shit out:

Awesome. So. Awesome.

He has a wonderful view. I wonder if there’s other Leaguers that are just pissed because of this, stomping around yelling about how he doesn’t even have eyes! And then, ya know, someone else explains that he does, in fact, have eyes. And when the Question gets up, does he eat a big meal, wear the mask all day then have a big supper too? Or is he like, taking it off to eat all the time?

Animators must love Question too. You don’t have to synch up his lips to a goddamn thing.

So, Green Arrow is chatting with Supergirl and making eyes at Black Canary and apparently eating a plate full of his arm.

Or maybe the arm is carefully guarding his cheese fries.

In the middle of this, Question shows up and the plate is gone.

I like to imagine that he stole it somehow. Good one, Q.

They do some stuff, try some crime solving, Question shows off his crazy corkboard:

then Supergirl falls asleep on his desk.

Man, if someone is having dreams that result in lasers firing out of their eyes, they are not sleeping on my computer desk. Please take your laser eyes to your own room.

So they find a thing about the guy from Supergirl’s dream, and she and GA run off to the place the guy worked at while Question goes after the guy who had the story. Now, I didn’t realize this the first time, but they actually show Question’s real face in this episode. I don’t know, I guess I didn’t realize it because I wasn’t expecting his hair to be a different color, but later in Flashpoint, he takes his mask off. I was like “Oh, that’s what he looks like.” And then later I was like, “Wait a second, I already knew that.” He’s almost got Turpin brows.

Oh hey, I almost forgot. Look, it’s Zeta:

Hey, all right, that was fun.

Oh, and uh, I jumped over the thing with Hardcastle too, but he talks about stuff that happened in Legacy, and Wild Cards, and I guess Volcana in general (first appeared in S:TAS “Where There’s Smoke). This is all in case you guys wanna go, ya know, check stuff out. Like extra credit watching or some shit.

Anyway, back to Question!

It is so great when he breaks into this building. He’s all singing that pop tune, which I admit, I will walk around the house singing from time to time. He careful studies the lock:

Then, ya know, just throws a plant through the glass door.

And he doesn’t miss a beat!

Inside, Supergirl is duking it out with her clone. And I can’t help but wonder if you could actually beat an invulnerable person to death. Like Fram asked me the other day if Superman could rip his own arm off? Yeah, he has super strength, but he’s also got, ya know…super skin and shit. Anyone care to comment? I could see this debate going for a good 4 pages.

Really, Fearful Symmetry is the episode that managed to sell me on the whole “Unlimited” thing, because it was such a good episode without any major appearances by any of the big seven (except J’onn for a couple minutes, but seriously you guys, J’onn is in so many episodes for like..3 shots almost all the time.)

And this shot:

Looks like Question is gonna make out with this dude.

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