DCAU Stuff: Justice League Office Supplies

Over the years, I’ve managed to accrue a great deal of DCAU stuff. Most of it is Justice League stuff since they made so much JL stuff in the show’s peak and I also had money with which to purchase. Hell, they’re still cranking out action figures, despite some of them not making any sense (a red Doomsday?).

I’ve been trying to categorize some of the stuff for the purpose of writing about them, and while cleaning the closet yesterday, I decided to show off my collection of Justice League school/office supplies today.

(I preemptively apologize for terrible picture quality.)

We’ll start with my swanky Justice League folders. I have five of them because they were five for some amount of dollars when I purchased them. Folder 1 has Flash, Batman, and Superman on the front and back. It says “Justice League” a lot. The interior has the logos for the three heroes, and a space for your name and subject. Currently this folder has a schedule from Comic-Con in it. I don’t know if you can tell in the picture, but the background is all blurry behind Flash because he so fast, he makes everything behind him just kinda fuzzy and out of focus.

Folder 2 is fat with a bunch of crap that is in it for some reason. I don’t know what most of it is. It looks to be a bunch of free crap from Comic-con, some stickers, and a sheet of paper with some notes for a job interview. There is again a place for Name and Subject. That’s in every folder. The front has Standard Justice League Pose #3. I just kinda randomly assigned that number, I’m not sure how many standard poses there are off the top of my head. Flipping through the folders? At least 2. So maybe I shouldn’t have used 3.

The back has a thing with some logos. Though J’onn’s logo never seems like a “logo.”

Folder 3 has Superman, Batman, and J’onn. The back is the same except without the characters in front of the background.

This folder has stuff in it too, so I checked to see what it was. Guess what was in it? Guess.

My marriage certificate. So I guess I know where that is now. For the past year and a half it has been in a Justice League folder.

The inside of this folder (on the side not with the name/subject) is a cool little depiction of the characters in black and white.

Folder 4 has Standard Pose #1 in front of the standard background. It doesn’t have any weird crap inside or legal documentation of any sort. It does have the JL symbol on it a lot.

The last folder is also empty inside. I think I emptied these last two yesterday during closet cleaning. I don’t remember why since they weren’t in the closet. This folder depicts the league in the same pose as the last one, except now they are mysteriously hovering over Metropolis, and large map of the earth. I believe that’s a Mercator projection.

Next on the agenda are the Justice League mechanical pencils. I had pens too, and more than two pencils, but sadly, those are missing and believe me, it hurts me more than it hurts you. It haunts me daily, or everytime I look in the general direction of my pencil cup.

The two remaining pens are Flash and Superman. The erasers are fairly worn down. The pencils each depict the characters and also their name in case you forget. They also have the logo on one side, but where the logo would be on the other side, it doesn’t meet up properly so the logo looks all goofy.

And what good are pencils unless you have a place to put them? That’s the function behind this Justice League pencil pouch. Yeah, I bought a fucking pencil pouch, shut up, it’s awesome.

As you can see, the pouch has Standard Pose #1 on the orange-ish background again. In this case, the characters are poofed out from the background again, to provide extra padding and protection for the writing utensils contained within. It also has 3 holes to provide means for inserting it into a binder of some sort. Currently inside the pouch are a variety of colored permanent markers, purchased for Comic-Con and used by various comic book celebrities to sign a Dr. Dre poster.


While at Comic-Con that year, we were wandering around towards the end of the exhibit hall hours. As they announced that things were closing in 15 minutes, we decided to pass by the Cartoon Network booth again and as we approached, my keen eyes spotted none other than PHIL FUCKING LAMARR. Throughout most of the con, I’d been incredibly nervous around some of the people I’d been meeting. For example, I was fucking terrified and speechless around Bruce Timm.

Phil was just standing there though, not back in the autograph signing place. Just talking to one of the CN booth people, leaning against a podium thing. I’m not sure anyone else even knew who he was. I bolted up and immediately started talking to him. He’s smaller than you expect him to be, but a fucking joy to talk to. We talked about him voicing Static and GL in that Static episode where Sinestro disguises himself as GL. So it was GL fighting GL and then Static shows up and Phil is voicing all three of them. We also talked to Dwayne McDuffie about that this year (before voicing our desire for Static to be on DVD).

After a bit of talking with Phil, we pulled out the Dre poster to request his signature on it. He laughed and I went to grab a marker for him when he noticed my JL pencil pouch and laughed again before giving me his approval. He signed the poster, we thanked him heartily and went on our way. I think it was one of the biggest highlights of that trip.

Also, later Rob Cordry wrote “Holy shit is that Phil Lamarr!” next to Phil’s signature.

Next up are these “paperweights.”

I’m not sure what sort of legal bullshit they’re trying to bypass by calling them paperweights, but okay, guys. I’ve always just considered anything heavier than a piece of paper to be a paperweight.

That said, I love these things. I of course own the Flash, Batman, and J’onn ones. The Hawkgirl is the husband’s, technically. And then uh, I always buy stuff of my three faves. Plus Batman is in a very awesome pose, with his cape looking most excellent.

I also had a Superman one that I purchased for my little brother, took to Comic-Con and had Bruce Timm sign for him, but it’s already been delivered to him (you’ll recall he caused me to get held up at airport security).

That’s my collection of JL office supplies. I’ll be honest when I say that it’s not complete because I don’t have this:

Superman stapler? Meet my Christmas wishlist.

That thing’s like 20 bucks.

I can’t justify spending 20 bucks on stapler. I can however, justify someone else spending 20 dollars on a stapler to give to me.

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