Superman and Airport Security.

I’m here in South Dakota, and my mom’s laptop is even crappier than I thought. Sometimes it’ll just shut off. Just for fun or something. I think the battery is actually a pile of shit. As in someone has plugged this computer into an actual pile of shit.

In the airport yesterday, I was going through security and as my bag goes through the x-ray thinger, a guy points to my bag and asks me if it’s mine. I confirm that it is and he tells me he has to check it. I agree and he unzips it. He digs around for a minute and pulls out the Superman bust I had Bruce Timm sign for my little brother back at Comic-Con.

He chuckles and holds it up to the other two people at the x-ray machine. “It was Superman! Hahaha!” And everyone else laughs. Apparently he looked like a U-joint. Or a U-bomb or something.

Of course he set off the machine though. He’s the man of steel.

(there might be more here later; I’ll make up for no long entry with a bunch of little short ones.)

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