Mad Libs: Secret Origins, Part One (words provided by my little brother)

Batman was doing. He was trying to learn what funny things were happening at Wayne Industries. He discovered that three of the laboratory music teachers were not what they seemed to be. They looked like books and were speaking a language that sounded like poop. Even worse, they were farting and destroying the lab! But before Batman could even play, one of the creatures noticed him and started to race him! Batman stroked back as ridiculously as he could, but they were too crazy. He found himself starting to jump. Just then, Superman stupidly appeared and came to his aid. “Thank you, Superman,” Batman said. “But why are you here?” Superman explained that he was looking for the same alien creatures that Batman was looking for. “I’ve been getting these big telepathic messages and I’ve traced them to this factory. Will you help me investigate?”

Really, even with all weird words inserted, the most implausible part of this is still Batman thanking Superman.

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