Where’s Terry?

Ya know, I think I bought my Batman Beyond Vol 2 DVD set way too close to Canada or something because I always have to turn off the goddamn French subtitles, what the hell.

Today we’re going to examine the episode, “Where’s Terry?” But never fear, through this helpful guide, I will ensure that we always know exactly where Terry is.

The episode begins with Terry, Dana, Howard, and Max leaving a movie theater, after seeing Casablanca, apparently. I imagine it was a remake, because by this point in the future, there actually aren’t any more new ideas.

The group goes their seperate ways and Terry heads to the subway where he spies a suspicious looking character:

The next day in school, Terry is missing! And everyone is asking…

Where’s Terry?

Terry, as it would turn out, is in the subway buried under a pile of rumble. A young misfit runaway with an attitude is quite insistent that Terry leave. The child is wearing a bandage around his arm; I imagine he gave blood recently. Even though they don’t poke you that high. Maybe he got a tattoo that is still healing. Or maybe it’s an old tattoo that says “MOM” but then he realized that he hated his parents, and that was why he ran away. The kid’s name is Dak, although his actual name is Darius something something who cares it’s the future and we’re lucky we’re not all just numbered.

In the meantime, Bruce is all “what the hell, what do I pay him for, goddammit, we got crimes that need busting sonofa…” He goes to Max’s house. A lot of viewers don’t like Max. What with her pink hair, and annoying everything and black armband that says “someone just died” or “I’m against war” or “I demand freedom of speech in my high school” or “It’s the future and we dress weird.” She tells Bruce that Terry was in the subway and Bruce starts walking there but Max is all boohoo take me with you I wanna fight crime tooooo. Bruce is a total dick to her. Total dick. Just a total goddamn sonofabitch dick. I would marry him in a second.

While this is going down, we find out that the Shriek is afoot again and he’s doing something to the tunnels or something I don’t know, he’s a prick. And he’s got an earring that screens welcome to the late 90’s. Like he’s at a futuristic Ren Faire only it’s all 1990 stuff since it’s ya know, futuristic. And the earring is in his right ear. Does that still mean you’re gay? Or do people just put earrings wherever? I mean in the future, who knows but really I don’t even know where that trend has gone now. I can barely tell left from right, I have to do the L thing with my hands.

Back in the subway tunnel where Terry and Dak are trapped, Terry’s looking for a way out. He can’t find one, he tries blowing up a wall, it don’t go so well, he finds a hole in the ceiling but blew his entire explosive load on the other wall so crap.

Bruce and Max are still looking for clues, when Bruce sees the T’s and one of them, oh no, has Terry’s backpack! Max and Bruce follow them.

Now, in cartoons when there’s large stadiums of people or groups of people on a sidewalk or just background characters who are making noise, the voice actors do a thing called “walla.” It’s mostly them saying nonsense stuff, but a few actual phrases usually slip through. This episode has the best one. THE BEST. As the T’s are walking by this guy, they sort of harrass him. One T says “hey check this guy out” and another says in the best voice, “heh heh heh nice vest.”

Holy god, I laughed at that. Here’s some hooligans for you, ridiculing that nice man’s vest!

Bruce knocks on their little hideout and asks to buy the backpack. The T’s, who are just such morons my god, insist that he pay them not ten, but twenty credits! Bruce probably has billions. He offers them thirty if they also tell him where they got it. The T’s get a bit rowdy and tackle Bruce. Max, who was waiting outside, comes in and maces a couple of them, at which point Bruce starts wailing on them with his cane. It’s a goddamn Batcane. He asks one of them where they got the pack and when he refuses to answer, Bruce asks Max to leave them alone. And Bruce fucking Batman’s the information out of him, holy shit he is kickass.

Back in the subway, blah blah, this kid is so bad and mean he doesn’t want to be Batman, he wants to be a supervillain! Terry’s giant heart of gold wins him over though, after he insist the kid go through the whole in the ceiling and get him some help. Right as he pops up through the hole though, fuck! It’s Shriek! He takes Dak back to his layer where Dak accidentally lets it slip that he knows where Batman is, and it doesn’t occur to Shreik that maybe he’s back in the hole the kid just popped out of.

Let’s have a quick refresher regarding the location of Terry, courtesy our good friend Skeets:

Thanks Skeets!

Over in Dicksville, Bruce does an amazingly dickish thing. He tells Max that he’ll distract some construction workers so she can sneak into the subway. He’s all “you wanna help? Ok! I got the coolest thing for you to do!” As he talks to the construction guys, he points out Max trying to sneak past them, and as they run after her, he slips away into the subway. Hahaha. You see what he does? He raises your hopes, only to strike them down! And get you in trouble! Hahaha again!

Shriek at this point has asked the kid to take him to Batman, so Dak says yeah sure, and takes him to a wall that he says Batman is behind. Shreik goes to blast it with his funny lookin’ suit and oh crap, there’s a bunch of water!

The water rushes everywhere and breaks the hole enough for Terry to fit through, and that Batsuit has this totally awesome oxygen mask that pops out.

There’s some great animation in the episode of Terry leaping down a big shaft to save Dak, where the deployment of his batrope is just smooth as silk and makes me warm inside just watching it.

Terry pulls Dak up to solid ground again, but oh crap! Shriek has the drop on them! He starts gassing on about this or that, giving Bruce time to sneak up on him and smack in the head with his Batcane!

So the day is saved and Max got a taste of the ol’ Bruce Wayne charm (I mean getting arrested.)

Terry arrives home after being up two nights in a row, which must suck unbelievably. He’s all ready to go to bed and his mom is like “oh, you’re making your bed before going to school, excellent!”

And that is where Terry is at.

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